after getting too small again within several years, the office of spiekermann partners – located in motzstrasse, berlin – had to look for new premises for about 30 employees. they found, what they were looking for, in a former schoolhouse in friedrichstraße, central berlin. berlin based christa fischer interior architects were again responsible for the overall design of the office. flexible desktops for teams, that permanently define themselves new, meeting- and conference rooms, single offices for creative work, kitchen and social rooms have been brought together in an obvious designed overall context.

together with fischer interior designers, performa developed details that were tailor-made for the client: network- and cablemanagment at the height-adjustable desks, mobile storage spaces, covered with felt at their backs for making them pin boards. these felt-back boards absorb the sound in the rooms and make it possible, to build new zones for working groups that vary in size.
six weeks passed by between clarification of technical details and delivery of the furniture. in between, more places in the same house have been designend with that furniture system, specially developed for spiekermann partners.


projectarchitect: c.fischer innenarchitekten