meetinglounge uia kongress

beeing part of the uia congress 2002 in berlin, this modern meetinglounge has been a special interface between uia congress and plancom fair. the modular system allows to be build up in different ways, and has been shown in between at several other places. the linoleum floor creates a swinging topography for the different, functional needs within the intergral conception. apart from that, the conventional areas, consisting from walls and multimedia, transfer into a communicationscape.

the „shapes“ of the landscape arrived as dxf data via mail. they were read into our machining center and milled directly. the parts, some beeing nearly 5m long and curved, were triggered to a perfect fit. screens were fit in directly underneath the 2mm linoleum skin, which resulted in a unique, visual appearance. they worked perfect.


projectarchitect: j. mayer h architekten, sebastian finckh