orafol oranienburg

orafol europe gmbh is leading in producing adhesive, graphic foils and special duct tapes. in the last couple of years the company mainly invested in the expansion of the core business, and is currently active in more than 90 countries. at the location oranienburg, close to berlin, there are currently working more than 450 employees. in the united states has been build up the subsidiary oracal usa inc.
in the years of 2008 and 2009 fischer interior architects from berlin developed a whole new interior conception for the orafol europe gmbh. entrance and lobby have been freshly designed, the staff cafeteria, canteen and casino, as well as several conference rooms with the latest media technology. the two company management offices have been realised individually by performa.
the two offices have been furnished with the veneer of a single, fine-pored grown, native ash. all desktops are made out of the natural material linoleum, soft and pleasant to touch. edges and cornerjoints are of high quality miter squares. wallcontainers hang on distance pieces that make cable guidance and subtle backlighting possible. for having special delicate wooden sliding doors, a sliding door fitting, which is normally used for glass doors, was adapted.
for hiding cablemanagement, they produced special technical flaps. build in appliance plug sockets and fitting ventilation ducts made the placement of computer, printer and other peripheral devices invisible.
starting with the first planning discussion up to the delivery of the furniture, it took 10 weeks, the installation in oraninenburg two days.

projectarchitect: c.fischer innenarchitekten