peter kunz architects

peter kunz architects is one of the most significant swiss architectural offices nowadays. demands increased, and bigger rooms were neccessary. the fitting rooms were found in a former printing house, spacious and light-flooded. performa developed a formal, spacial structure and – according to that – a roomdividing reception counter, having multifunktional details at the back. following the needs of the employees, the desks have been produced to fit in 20 screen workplaces. peter kunz himself designed the conference table, according to the classic “wegner chairs”.
the 12m long, nearly seamless linoleum monolith hides the whole archive, countless extensions and hanging registries. the supporting frame of the reception counter was made out of powder coated, lasercutted metalswords, which were combinated with standard bodies of a swiss metalfurniture producer for reduction of expenses. the frames of the tables have been realised with a local metal worker. the tabletops are as well laminated with comfortable linoleum. the big conference table has been visually adapted to fit the classic wegner chairs – it is made out of solid oakwood, and the surface has been sealed with soap sud – following a danish recipe.


projectarchitect: peter kunz architekten