stool fascinates young and old alike. its imaginative use has no limits – it can be a seat, end table, night table, shelf sculpture, kid’s stool, or coffee table.
it is extremely light weight, yet sturdy and durable. alone, stacked or strung together, its multiple uses make it a practical addition to your dacor.

in winter saisonal colours night blue, petrol blue, curcuma, pebble grey and light blue .

variety of dimensions and colours

the display of colours can differ from the original tone, depending on printer settings or scope presentation.

  • pebble gray
  • darkred
  • light blue
  • vernal yellow
  • grass-green
  • light green
  • curcuma
  • magenta
  • mandarine
  • night blue
  • petrol blue
  • rose
  • red
  • red orange
  • black
  • sunny yellow
  • violet
  • white