the elegant helper

wether it is time for diner or teatime – in any occasion dishes need to be transported from one place to the other through the Living space or garden. and even if shards bring good fortune, with the performa tray there is no need for it.

with its size of only 6mm and its tender turn towards the handles, the tray has an extraordinary light appearance and thanks to it´s slip resistant finnish the dishes stay on the tray even in slope position. the tray is produced with Passion and precision in Heilbronn, just like all of the performa furniture is.

the tray is provided with a slip resistant finish.

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care instruction for a long lasting pleasure:
in case of spillage even with slip resistant finnish, the tray needs to be cleaned right after with a damp cloth. the tray requires a maintenance by hand, also with a degreasing Agent, and is not suitable for the dishwasher.

design and technical development
dietmar mechsner and performa
(picture 2 copyright wallpaper magazin)

variety of dimensions and colours

the display of colours can differ from the original tone, depending on printer settings or scope presentation.