shelf 03

the shelf which rests in itself

our online fair offer for you
as long as fairs cannot take place, we offer our fair prices on each order of the shelf 03!

you can feel it is somehow different. the reason is a new idea of shelf construction. in comparison to traditional shelves the shelf 03 is not built on the principle of cheeks. it completely rests in itself with its self-weight making it stable, additionally enforced by belt or stainless steel wires.

the sliding fronts are available in diverse coloured acrylic glass. all colours are shown in the variety of dimensions and colours pdf. configure the shelf 03 according to the levels you need and choose between the height of level of 24 or 37 cm. so the shelf 03 has a huge variety in appearance and offers you a individual configuration just the way you wish.

variety of dimensions and colours

the display of colours can differ from the original tone, depending on printer settings or scope presentation.

  • darkbrown
  • nature
  • red
  • black
  • white
  • blue grey
  • transparent
  • frosted
  • yellow orange
  • grey
  • fluorescent orange
  • fluorescent pink
  • magenta opaque
  • orange
  • red
  • umbra
  • white opaque